'The Power' by Derek Henderson

Large 1250mm x 1000mm Smokey Quartz crystal..

$1,200 AUD

Large 1250mm x 1000mm Smokey Quartz crystal photographic print. Edition of 10. Renowned fine art photographer Derek Henderson has photographed Maniamania's coveted crystal collection, to create 'Crystalline', a series of artful still life portraits capturing the unique qualities and raw natural beauty of the crystal, all shot on a large format film camera with 4 x 5 colour film.

With an interest in capturing the metaphysical energies and unique characteristics and personality of each individual stone, Maniamania and Derek wish to capture crystals in a way they have not been captured before; with new light and vision.

Smokey Quartz is adored by sensitive women for its ability to regulate and disperse emotional blockages and their physical manifestations. It is grounding, detoxifying and reliably available to assist during heavy lunar cycles. It has a particular affection for dissolving abdominal cramps, muscular spasms, headaches, communication difficulties and fortifying the nerves. When slept with it lifts fears, stresses, anxieties and nightmares. In their place Smokey Quartz brings emotional calmness, positive action and the manifestation of dreams.
1250mm x 1000mm

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