Our Story



Founded in 2009, MANIAMANIA garnered a cult-like following for their uniquely symbolic jewellery and directional style, as well as creative collaborations with such fashion luminaries as Dree Hemingway, Lizzy Jagger, and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld.  MANIAMANIA later evolved to focus on Fine Jewellery, and is now renowned for their bespoke and alternative commitment jewellery, each piece lovingly hand crafted using precious metals, ethically sourced diamonds and custom cut gemstones.

We believe that the idea of adornment holds a personal significance and fine jewellery is the ultimate symbolic sentiment. Each piece holds a unique high-grade vibration, from the energy of the gemstones and metals. We work closely with our clients to create jewellery to cherish.

Described by W Magazine as “mystical adornment for modern times,” MANIAMANIA believes that the idea of adornment holds a deep personal significance, and that fine jewelry is the ultimate symbolic sentiment. Each of their impeccably hand crafted pieces holds a unique vibration from the energy of the gemstones and metals, and illustrates meticulous craftsmanship by their Sydney based artisan team.

The MANIAMANIA Fine Jewellery collection features a selection of highly covetable pieces set in rose cut, antique cut, or brilliant cut diamonds, as well as sapphires and a constellation of other precious gemstones. At its core are the alternative bridal and commitment rings, each exuding an antique air and enchanting elegance in their antique inspired design and artful use of vintage cut diamonds and gemstones. MANIAMANIA also offers the option of re-purposed antique diamonds and recycled gold as part of their conscious approach to Fine Jewellery, as well as working with ethical, conflict free stones and sustainable practices.

MANIAMANIA offers clients the opportunity to customize their jewellery with bespoke elements, giving each client the ability to add a meaningful and symbolic statement to their own unique piece. Designer Melanie Kamsler works closely with each client to create each piece of handmade jewellery, from the selection of diamonds or gemstones to the final finished piece, to be cherished by generations.