Jewellery Care.


Fine jewellery can last a lifetime - with a lifetime of proper care and service. It is standard practice and recommendation for a ring that is enduring every day wear and tear (engagement rings) that it should be serviced every 4-6 months depending on the stones and the amount of wear. Diamonds may be the hardest substance on Earth but they are not indestructible. Gemstones such as Opals are very soft and need even more care (see below). Gold can scratch and prong settings lifted. Your local jeweller can check the settings and professionally clean to maintain your sparkle. Please contact us if you need further advice on this.

Fine jewellery is delicate by nature and we encourage customers to take extra care when wearing it daily. An easy tip is taking off your rings when you are doing rough hand work that may damage a stone or the shape of a ring. We also recommend taking your jewellery off when washing your hands, showering, sleeping, exercising and while dressing, to make sure they do not catch on items of clothing such as sweaters as this can lift prongs and loosen stones.

Polish your jewellery with a lint-free, 100% cotton cloth. Very gentle brushing with lukewarm water, soap, and a soft toothbrush is also recommended. Always check the tightness of stones before and after cleaning. Never use an ultrasonic cleaner on micro-pavé stones, opals, emeralds, or turquoise. Please consult us if you have any questions regarding care or cleaning of your jewellery as certain chemicals and techniques may damage your jewellery and stones. Opals in particular have a more delicate nature than other stones.

Ideally, jewellery should be stored securely in a fabric box. Avoid placing your jewellery down on hard surfaces. Please consult with us about choosing jewellery that is appropriate for your lifestyle before you purchase.  


Opals are soft stones, in comparison to a diamond or sapphire for example, which are harder and more durable by nature. Opals are approximately as hard as glass, so they should also be worn with special attention to our care instructions, including storage. Opals can become dry if stored improperly. They are best stored in a soft cotton cloth, or with a piece of cotton wool dabbed with a few drops of water. Opals are also vulnerable to cracking if exposed to rapid changes in temperature.

In general, we recommend being very gentle with your Opal rings, follow the general care instructions listed here and be mindful not to hit them against something hard or drop them. Damaged Opals are not common if care is taken but are possible. Maniamania Fine is not responsible for broken or lost Opals, however we can work with replacements for a reasonable repair fee.

Please note, due to their delicate nature, we do not recommend wearing Opals on a daily basis.

Our opals are all natural and each unique to their cut and colour, so though we guarantee the best selection of colours available, please note that we cannot promise exact replicas of the colours photographed.  


All stones shown on our website are natural diamonds and gemstones. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see matches the item colour, as the display of colour depends, in part, upon the type of computer monitor used to observe the image.  


All diamonds and gemstones are conflict-free and ethically sourced. We work with established diamond and gemstone dealers who are all members of AGTA and are GIA approved.

Maniamania uses environmentally responsible procedures to source all of its materials. Maniamania’s suppliers are all in compliance with the United Nations resolutions with ethically sourced, conflict and devastation free precious stones and diamonds.

Each piece of Maniamania's jewelry is handmade by skilled craftsmen in New York. Maniamania’s in-house production experts oversee all aspects of jewelry production, from sourcing to stone setting, to achieve the highest standards in quality and sustainability. Maniamania supports fair trade and strict labor and safety practices for all of its partnerships.