When the cosmos aligned and Tamila and Melanie asked me to write for this new venture of Maniamania’s I was quick to jump at the opportunity. I have been a lover of their creations since dot, because of the perfect alignment of their passions and beliefs and that of my own.


Maniamania fine jewellery We are golden with Ondine Purinton-Miller

I have been raised on a steady diet of ancient mysticism, crystals, Spirit Consciousness, Fleetwood Mac & Zeppelin, spirituality and symbolism. ManiaMania has year after year filled the place for each of these themes on my fingers, wrist and neck.

Furthermore, the idea of alchemy has been prevalent through my lifetime; my parents may not have been literal alchemists per se, but some of the concepts of hermeticism and alchemy were laced through my consciousness. Also coincidentally, (if you believe in that sort of thing) my name Ondine, comes from the latin Unda meaning wave and Undine/Ondine was identified by medieval alchemist Paracelsus as one of the four elementals, (Earth, Air, Water, Fire) representing Water. To say that there is obvious synergy in beliefs between Tamila and I is an understatement, so she was the perfect candidate for an interview on my blog, The Alchemists, and spending quality time speaking about all the things we love really solidified this collaboration of minds.

My blog came about as a space for me to express the journey that I am on in all aspects of being a woman, in all of its perfections and importantly, imperfections. I am not trying to sugar coat empowerment or being an alchemist, and through my own soul searching as well as interviewing other women I have created the space for my own growth and the growth of others as well as stimulating dialogue around what it is to be a modern day Alchemist.

Your very existence in this modern world gives you the ability to be a 21st Century Alchemist. You have the power.

Regardless of your scientific prowess you can be an alchemist. You may not be a jewellery maestro, crafting gems and curiosities like the ladies at ManiaMania or an ancient sorcerer turning lead into gold and questing for the elixir of life, but your very existence in this modern world gives you the ability to be a 21st Century Alchemist. You have the power. Think about the multitude of ways you can create change or a positive impact, literally and metaphorically. I’ve made it my mission since the inception of my blog, The Alchemists, to constantly meditate on the concept of alchemy. It’s always in the front of my mind, in every moment of my life. What does this mean in a 21st century context? We may not be literally turning lead into gold but we are making our lives golden and that is next level alchemy.

An alchemist is a visionary; I have seen them and I have been inspired by many of them, famous and otherwise. There is a thread of similarity that connects you and I with Gloria Steinem, Joan of Arc, Paracelsus, Linda McCartney, Patti Smith, Bianca Jagger, Martin Luther King Jr and Jane Goodall. It is a willingness to take the path of the revolutionary and act on it in our own small (or big) way. Being an alchemist is doing things that may not go with the grain but will ask a massive thing from us emotionally and physically. Alchemy is the ability to move past limitations and perceived obstacles into a new possibility, dimension and outcome. For me it’s to stand up for what I believe in and to be fearless in my flaws and complexities and also my successes. I am no saint by any stretch but I do have things that matter to me and that spur me on in my world which is a hallmark of most alchemists.

It’s not to say that alchemy is easy, because it sure as hell isn’t. The literal chemistry of alchemy all that time ago was hard and required dedication and all that that comes with literally turning lead into gold. Being an alchemist then was so much more than the theory - it’s the same for our subverted alchemists. We have to push through the limitations and our fears because if we don’t give up or surrender, there will be an outcome in our favour… even if we’re not there to see it (which is the case for Joan of Arc or MLK Jr). They created change that we still see the aftereffect of. This is transcendental alchemical power, breaking down the barriers of time and space.

But the reality is, most of us aren’t going to fight for France or the Ivory Trade, be Pioneers or a Trustee of the Amazon, so we have to take a step back and look at the micro and macrocosm. Where do we fit into the equation? How do we alchemise in our world?

We are creating and manifesting in our own unique ways and we need to celebrate that and be brave enough to find out what matters to us and what inspires us to create. Since I started writing my own blog, I have been thinking about how I can embrace my own individual alchemy and how I can find out what matters and explore it deeply and share it. If you can do it too, imagine what each individual can create and alchemise in this world.


The space ManiaMania has created and continues to hold has created massive change across the earth; bringing precious stones, ancient symbolism and the force of crystals into the world, making each and every wearer feel powerful and vibrating with the energy of a modern day woman and Alchemist. The newest collection is a testament to that. It’s magic and potent to have these gemstones and diamonds grace your body, working their own magic and alchemising on you and with you. You have the power.

You can weave magic through the food you make all the way to the business you create and what you uniquely offer to this planet.

Acknowledge the alchemy in all aspects of your life and the world around you; from the food that you craft, to your business ventures and own unique offering to the world. Alchemy has no boundaries; musicians are alchemists, bus drivers, shop girls, chefs, designers, yogis, actors, businesswomen and men are all alchemists, creating and transforming through the lives we lead and the world that we consequently effect. You can weave magic through the food you make all the way to the business you create and what you uniquely offer to this planet.

These people who we see as Alchemists are acting upon this intrinsic part of ourselves. These are the people forging paths and clearing the way for change. They’re making waves and not for the sake of their own ego. Don’t let your ego get in the way of your ability to be an alchemist!   Each one of us has the ability to realise our potential as an Alchemist. It is innate in us. We’re born with gold running through our veins, it’s for us to discover it and through love and strength all that is copper will turn to gold.

Written by Ondine Purinton-Miller