Maniamania co-founder Tamila sat down with Ondine and discussed topics close to both their hearts - activism, feminism, paganism, synchronicity and the future - for Ondine's blog The Alchemists.



Ondine: What do you call yourself?



Depends which Zodiac, In Western astrology my sun sign is a Leo, moon a Gemini and Rising Scorpio, in the Mayan Zodiac I’m the Pop which is a jaguar. I’m the Salmon according to the Native American Zodiac and Siṃha in Vedic astrology, which is also a lion.

Would you describe yourself as a classic Leo/Pop/Salmon/Siṃha?

Yes! They all describe elements of my personality for sure.

How do you define Alchemy?

I love they way you define it Ondine! The bringing together of creative energy and forces to create something wonderful is exactly how I see it too.

What do you do and why do you do it?

I love collaborating, whether it be making a magazine or working with clients on their collections or designing jewellery with Melanie. Creating is more rewarding when you’re doing it with many perspectives. I love designing when I get in the zone, but Mel and I always bring a little something to each other designs too. The energy of a collaborative project always feels more rewarding because its a shared achievement.


Why is it called Maniamania?

It stemmed from the idea of obsession and love and “Mani" is also Sanskrit for “jewel”

Was there a specific moment when your knew you had to be an Alchemist in your world?

I have always wanted to create, my parents are both creatives and I grew up surrounded by art and making things. I was convinced I needed to be a photographer for a long time, but once I began assisting it was the styling that attracted me. I wanted to create the content of the pictures. The true Alchemy came about with the inception of ManiaMania with Mel.

Alchemy is about change - how has change played a role in your life and your work?

Everything is always ever evolving, the world is changing  but most importantly we are. The biggest challenge everyone faces is the Alchemy of themselves, evolving and learning, especially when becoming a parent and an “adult” but every life stage is so epic really. I thought my Saturn return at 27 years old brought big life changes and then came motherhood, so its always preparing us for the next step… We’re all just teenagers at heart and navigating life and responsibilty and balance is the most important project we have. Like many people, I don’t always feel comfortable with change so that in itself is the most potent potion to alchemise. But I am a strong believer in the universe presenting the pathways to follow so whenever we’re presented with a challenge, we ask why is this happening right now? There must be a better way to do it or a better outcome around the corner. In my work, there must be constant change. With styling and design in fashion there is almost a psychic or at least intuitive force you have to have, to predict trends and be a part of the collective conscious. To know and feel out whats next and when to move to the next thing. Design cycles work so far in advance you have to trust your intuition as well as be able to manifest the change. That game is what fashion is all about, looking at the social context and the action and reaction of trends, what people are wearing right now, in the future or throughout past eras.



How does working with crystals and metals every day effect your life?

I never get over how amazing every single crystal is. The wonder and beauty of them, and vibrational energies and metaphysics always keep the love alive but they are just one part of the story. I’m interested in everything to do with esoterics and sciences of spirituality, as well as old world mysticism and faiths like Paganism and Shamanism that look to the Earth for worship...

When have you felt most like a Girl Almighty?

My strongest moment so far was definitely giving birth to my son. But every day I have moments of feeling proud of what we’ve built as a business and being a good mother...

When do you feel most centred and grounded?

I’ve been into Binaural meditation lately, the sound frequencies give meditation another level of intensity. And when I have a little moments with Coda, when he has little conversations in his beautiful developing one year old language or he gives me a big cuddle before bed. Its seriously the best.

ManiaMania for me, epitomised being an Alchemist and a Girl/Woman Almighty - was that your intention from the get go?

Thank you Ondine, thats a wonderful compliment. From the beginning we wanted to make jewellry that was rich with meaning and symbolism, with many of our inspirations being powerful women from history. Our inspiration was the earth, the crystals, it was very raw with suede and leather, in some ways it was tribal but in a really primitive way. Women always say they feel powerful wearing our jewellery, even though its evolved to being much more delicate and refined, it still has that energy. I feel quite a responsibility to make jewellery with that power, we were most interested in the notion of jewellery being a personal and unique adornment that could also physically transmute energy through the metals and stones.

Who is your Girl Almighty? Living or otherwise.

Patti Smith is probably the epitome of a Girl Almighty, she is strong but delicate in her outlook, she’s creative and passionate, authentic and visionary.


What makes your blood boil? Big Pharma and lying politicians.

What are you passionate about?

Nutrition, wholistic medicine, the truth, my family.

What excites you and makes your nappiest about tomorrow? The pretty recent movement of the world “waking up”, the hope that our generations to come will take better care of the planet and of each other. Seeing Coda grow every day….

What quality do you most admire in a woman?


What quality do you most admire in a man?


Whats your party trick? Busting out the running man if its a really good party...

If you had a moment when the whole world was listening to you- what would you say?

Love and cherish each other. Compassion is everything. And pick up your litter….

By Ondine Purinton-Miller