Meet Robin of @fleurotica - the incredible floral artist and beautiful creative soul that we had the pleasure of collaborating with for our latest collection campaign shoot with Lexie Smith. Robin is an artful and thoughtful floral designer, with an incredible eye for unexpected botanical combinations and colorings, and a collection of beautifully unique vessels that she displays them with.

Based in Lower East Side in New York, she designs florals for fashion editorials, special events and weddings for those looking for something cooler, unique and more memorable than a standard table setting. We chatted to her about her inspirations.

Fleurotica Maniamania interview


Melanie: If you were a flower, which one would you be?

Robin: A blue Himalayan poppy.

 One word to describe yourself/ or how you feel today?


What inspires you?

Millinery, mobiles, women, bodies, good cinema, good food, wine :)

What is your most treasured possession?

A very old and very beautiful first edition Cocteau book, & my dog (but she's more of a friend, really).

Do you have a signature pieces of jewelry, something you don't take off?

I don't really wear jewelry except for special occasions ! I do have an oyster ring by my friend Bree (natureisanobject) that I've been loving, and a vintage Yin Yang thumb ring that always gets lots of compliments.

Which piece/s did you like the most from our new collection?

I love extremes - the super minimalist and the super eccentric/unexpected. I can barely choose a fav piece, but my top picks are the Mythologies choker, the Serpentine signet ring in peach opal, and the Zodiac signet ring (I’m a Leo) - I’d wear it pinky style :)

What song do you have on repeat at the moment?

My staff and i have had "Nature Boy" by Gandalf on loop lately.



Robin wears;

Zodiac signet ring in 14k Yellow Gold - Leo

Eternal ring in 14k Yellow gold with Bicolor Sapphire and white diamonds

Petit Sacred Band in 14 Yellow gold with White rose cut diamonds

Enigma ring in 14k yellow gold with round rose cut rustic diamond

Cosmos band in 14k Yellow gold with White diamonds


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