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ABBEY WEARS Immortals ring, Patti ring, Rose Tattoo rings, Dali ring, 24 Hour Moon earrings

ABBEY WEARS 24 Hour Moon pendant, Immortals pendant, The Chelsea necklace, 24 Hour Moon earrings, Orpheus Descending necklace

ABBEY WEARS Immortals ring, Rose Tattoo rings, Dali ring, 24 Hour Moon earrings, Rogue bracelet, Love on the Left Bank cuff, Vagabond cuff, Orpheus Descending necklace

ABBEY WEARS Love on the Left Bank pendant, Vagabond necklace, The Chelsea necklace, Room 631 necklace

ABBEY WEARS Dali bangle, Room 631 necklace, Love on the Left Bank pendant, Dali ring, Love on the Left Bank ring, Dark Earth ring

ABBEY WEARS The Chelsea necklaces, Love on the Left Bank pendant, Dali cuffs, Vagabond cuff, Love on the Left Bank ring

ABBEY WEARS The Chelsea necklaces, Vagabond pendant


by Barnaby Roper with Abbey Lee Kershaw

The third collection from MANIAMANIA called 'Rêve' meaning Dream in French, is inspired by the late Vali Myers, an Australian artist and vagabond gypsy who roamed around the world as a free spirited dancer in the underworld of a post war Paris, then later becoming an artist and muse to many icons of our time, such as a young Patti Smith and Marianne Faithfull. She drifted the world from Positano to New York's Chelsea Hotel.


It was the season of the witch at MANIAMANIA, for Spring/Summer 2010/11. The Reve collection derives inspiration from the enigmatic vagabond artist, Vali Myers, who ceaselessly roamed the world rousing those she met with her authenticity and fire.

Dancing, painting, writing poetry and playing muse to luminary artists and musicians Patti Smith, Marianne Faithful, Donovan (for whom Myers danced as he performed 'Season of the witch' at Albert Hall in London), Andy Warhol and Salvidor Dali among many others, the free-spirited and 'phantom-like' Vali traversed cities from Sydney and Melbourne to Paris, New York and Positano, dauntlessly living in the moment and leaving the future to chance.

It is the mood and spirit of this fearless woman, for whom art and life were inexorably linked, that informs MANIAMANIA's striking and savage jewels for the season ahead. Vali's war-paint intricate facial tattoos of her own creation that inspired a young Patti Smith to have the artist imprint a small lightning bolt on her knee in New York's infamous Chelsea Hotel, now takes concrete form in the 'Patti' ring; while the Il Porto rings allude to Valis dreamlike residence in Positano, Italy, where she set up a wildlife sanctuary. The powerful Vagabond necklace and cuff draw on Vali's gypsy-like nature, and the Love on the Left Bank rings, pendant and bangle reference Ed van der Elsken's cult photo-book of 1956, filled with romantic images of a young Vali while she lived, in all her penniless bohemian grandeur, on the streets of post-war Paris.

MANIAMANIA's rock'n'roll aesthetic combines with the wild, winsome spirit of Vali Myers in an earthy and electric new collection, Reve. Vali's love of nature and wildlife (particularly foxes with which she felt an affinity), nomadic temperament and uninhibited lust for life inspire a collection conceived in Bronze, Sterling Silver and striking crystal stones, Amazonite and Smoky Quartz. A duo tone metal plating effect has been artfully applied to the pieces, each which are encased and presented in a soft earthy grey suede pouch. Maniamania muse Abbey Lee Kershaw features in the campaign stills and film for this collection, photographed and directed by Barnaby Roper.

by John with VALI MYERS


photographed by Barnaby Roper with Abbey Lee Kershaw

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