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Jamie wears Performance necklace, Laurel Canyon necklace, Sweet Nothing earrings, Moonphase bangle, Kommune 1 ring and Moonphase ring.

Jamie wears Fillmore West neckpiece, Age of Aquarius bracelet, 1975 ring, Zep ring and Icon ring.

Jamie wears Zep bangle, Age of Aquarius bracelet, Forever ring, Equinox upper finger ring, Icon cocktail ring, 1975 ring and Zep ring.

Jamie wears Avalon Ballroom necklace, Kommune 1 ring, Last Night cocktail ring, Laurel Canyon bracelet, Zep bangle, Ushci ring and Moonphase ring.

Jamie wears Whiskey Go-Go headpiece, Sunset Strip bracelet, Forever ring, Crowley ring, Ushci ring and Stage charm bracelet.

Jamie wears Altamont necklace, Moonphase bangle, Moonphase ring, Equinox upper finger ring, 1968 ring, Laurel Canyon bracelet and Backstage ring set.

Jamie wears Monteray necklace, Age of Aquarius necklace, Sweet Nothing earrings, Age of Aquarius bracelet, Equinox upper finger ring, 1975 ring, Zep ring and Crowley cocktail ring.

Jamie wears Monteray necklace, 1975 ring, Equinox upper finger ring, Crowley ring and Zep ring.

Jamie wears Revolution necklace, Groupie ring, 1968 ring, Kommune 1 ring and Sunset Strip bracelet.

Jamie wears Equinox upper finger ring, Monteray necklace, Age of Aquarius necklace, Age of Aquarius bracelet, Zep ring and Crowley ring.

Jamie wears Sunset Strip neckpiece, Age of Aquarius necklace and GTO necklace.

Jamie wears GTO necklace, Age of Aquarius necklace, Crowley rings, 1979 ring.



MANIAMANIA riff on styles and moods from an original cast of progressive bohemians from the underground scenes of Laurel Canyon and SanFrancisco in the 1960s and 1970s who lived for love, the moment and the music. Symbiotic waves of inspiration between muses, artists and fans harmonise in a powerfully free-spirited range in brass, silver, clear quartz, smokey quartz and amazonite. 

The Uschi ring is dedicated to model and left-wing activist Uschi Obermaier who flew like a butterfly between love affairs with Kommune 1 leader Rainer Langahans, and musical icons such as Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and Jimi Hendrix. The GTP pendant salutes groupie groups like Girls Together Outrageously, formed by Frank Zappa who wore their hearts on their shirts. Jimmy Page's devotion to magician Aleister Crowley informs The Zep story laden with tooth charms. The Sunset Strip neck cuff and bracelet story symbolises the power of musicians who without intention inherited slaves to their music. The Whiskey Go-Go headpiece and avalon Ballroom neckpiece pay tribute to the main stages of the scene. 

Albums, people, places and dreams combine in a musical range of contemporary forms laden with the magical powers of crystals. MANIAMANIA's liberal and leisurely pieces decorate the performance of today. 

Model, musician and muse Jamie Bochert stars in the campaign shot in New York at the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel by Stacey Mark (Purple Magazine/Self Service).

by Lisa Lerkenfeldt.


photographed by Stacey Mark with Jamie Bochert

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